Painting Contractor for Exterior Painting of Older Homes

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On the exterior of older homes, mildew is a common sight that appears as brown, yellow or black stain on virtually any surface including the siding and trim. And one of the best ways to neutralize mildew is to paint the surface with quality paint which contains a mildewcide.

The mildewcide is actually an additive which is found in better quality paints used by leading painting contractors. Such paint is applied to inhibit any future growth of mildew over the surface. Other than mildew, the contractors also focus on how to repair hole in the drywall. They place a new piece of drywall properly measured and cut by using appropriate drywall tools.

For exterior painting, the experts also check if there is any wood rot on the home exterior. Wood rot is caused due to leaky roof, damaged flashing, or improperly installed flashing, lack of caulking, etc. Trim boards are susceptible to rot if not properly caulked, maintained and painted.

For interior painting of older homes, the painting service providers consider using neutral colors like various shades of green to sage greens as these colors go great with all kind of décor.

Thus, you can hire a professional painting contractor to make your color selection and other painting concerns easy going.

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