Exteriors Painting

It’s recommended to paint your home at least every 10 years. For the most part paint and caulking is the only thing protecting the siding on your home from our wet climate. If the siding starts to rot then you’re in for a major home repair. When you get that beautiful new deck or fence installed make sure you stain it. This will bring beautiful colour out of the wood and ultimately protect it from the weather.

Many of us seldom pay a lot of attention to the renovation needed by our home exteriors. We believe that the interiors are all that makes the lasting impression. However, one needs to understand that the exterior are what entices the visitors in the first place. One also needs protection against the climate such as heavy rainfall and snow for the exteriors. The exterior walls, fences and other areas of our exterior need proper maintenance and touch up from time to time. One needs to select nothing but the best colors and right exterior painting contractors to have quality finish for the walls.

Our client testimonials


One of my established clients had hired Steve independently for a little interior painting while I was renovating her bedroom, -so I got to observe his painting. Steve did a great job, and at a very reasonable price. Since then I’ve hired him myself to paint several other renovation projects for me and my clients around Vancouver.

Eric Elford, President – Habidex Renovations

Bright Choice Painting


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