Go Green

Bright Choice Painting is proud to use environmentally friendly paint. We highly recommend using a low odor 0% VOC paint on your home or business.

Now with 0% VOC paint we can take this added pollution right out of our homes. Instead of gas releasing into the air it’s only water vapors.

There are many different green products to choose from. These are some of the low and no-VOC formulas that we recommend today.

The full form of VOC is Volatile Organic Compounds and these are highly volatile and participate in photochemical reaction. They are unstable compounds or volatile in nature. Hey consist of carbon and hydrogen that on reaction with nitrogen oxide in the air, create the harmful layer of ozone or smog. They are generally combined of the different gases emitted into the air by your home and other systems. Some high VOC paints can even emit out gas for as long as 5 years after their application. Paint and stains are among the second highest contributors of VOC to the atmosphere, next to automobiles.

Bright Choice Painting


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